About Us

At Edery, we strive to provide businesses with high-value IT services. With over 80 certified engineers on board, we have expertise to meet all of your company’s technical needs. As IT infrastructure evolves, so does our expertise. By conducting regular trainings, we make sure that you get state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Our end-to-end capabilities and custom approach unlock more value from investments on technology and make us the IT company of choice for many. For 20+ years of serving global market we successfully completed hundreds of challenging projects. We became a valuable addition to in-house IT teams of various companies—from ambitious startups to industry leaders.

How we work

We’ve been providing global customers with high quality IT services for on-demand software development, maintenance and re-engineering for more than 20 years. We’ve perfected a seamless process of integration with in-house IT teams to minimize friction and optimize the advantages of 24-hour development and support service.

We treat each customer individually, aiming at lasting partnership. We start off with personal meetings where we reveal your specific business needs and assess existing in-house IT capabilities. We align and work towards the same goal with you, as one team.

What you get with us:

  • Thorough upfront situational analysis and a teaming arrangement tailored to your unique needs
  • Online support 24/7
  • Availability for daily calls
  • Transparency (single backlog, sprint planning, daily progress reports, retrospectives)
  • Unified network credentials and corporate email, calendar
  • Regular meetings, planned or at your request

Custom software development process typically includes the following stages:

  • Project discussion and goal setting
  • Information gathering and analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation or coding
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

To meet your unique IT service needs we give you highly qualified specialists who excel in areas of design, architecture, development, debugging, functional and load testing, documenting and ongoing operational monitoring, and maintenance. Our teams can provide full-service, end-to-end operational services or work in cooperation with your in-house IT specialists to augment existing IT teams & processes.

We perform software maintenance and operational monitoring of newly developed and legacy systems. Our engineers, available to you 24/7, are qualified to ensure clear communication with both technical staff and end-users.

Software re-engineering & refactoring and overall architecture optimization & redesign are part of our core competences. Our engineers have vast experience in moving legacy systems to current technology. We also offer services of rapid identification of performance deficiencies in your code with their subsequent remedying. We’ve got you covered!

Sitecore Enterprise Solution For A Large Cosmetics Company

Enhance your IT capabilities

Accelerate your success with data leverage

Make the most of your CRM

Embrace future

Sitecore Enterprise Solution For A Large Cosmetics Company

We helped our loyal customer, a multinational cosmetics retailer harness the power of digital transformation.

Sitecore Solution: U.S. cosmetics retailer sees significant increase in online customers

Over the past five years we’ve been using our Sitecore expertise to help a large multinational cosmetics company headquartered in the U.S. achieve its ambitious digital goals.


Our client wanted to deliver a better digital experience to its global customers in 25 countries. They needed an easy-to-use platform that would boost online performance and sales.

  • Increase in customers online
  • Increase in site visits per day (to up to 20,000)
  • Increase in orders per hour (to up to 1,000)
  • Reduced costs and administration time

Sitecore is a customer experience platform. It goes far beyond a regular content management system. Its broad functionalities include but not limited to:

  • Tracking & analytics
  • Personalization
  • Building marketing campaigns
  • Content optimization
  • Gaining a single view of individual customers
  • We introduced this technology to client’s offices in 25 countries, providing end-to-end service—from setup and configuration to DevOps and maintenance.

Enhance your IT capabilities

We helped our loyal customer, a multinational cybersecurity
and anti-virus provider resolve pressing problems.

When our client, a leading provider of anti-virus software is short-handed—our
experts come in.


To rapidly resolve pressing problems of ever evolving cybersecurity threats.


Our engineers integrate into the in-house team, providing the needed expertise. They helped to pick up the slack by:

  • White-labeled plug-in setting to provide protection for Internet services (IMs, P2P, FTP)
  • Developing service desk portal for processing service requests based on MS SharePoint
  • Creating an integrated development environment for virus analysts, delivering all source information for antivirus development
  • Engineering Internet crawler for multithreaded websites scanning, locating and downloading binary files for further analysis for viruses
  • White-labeling Antivirus and Anti-spam for mail servers
  • White-labeling Update Utility for antivirus software in corporate environment
  • Cost- and time-efficient project delivery
  • Client’s impeccable reputation is secured

Accelerate your success with data leverage

We helped a Railroad Maintenance Authority efficiently utilize diagnostic data from trains.

Our client, a Railroad Maintenance Authority needed a system with secure interface that obtains and reads diagnostic data from every rolling stock arriving at the train station.


To improve rail transport operation by putting diagnostic data from trains to immediate use.


We designed a system that collects diagnostic data over Wi-Fi for further validation and storage.

  • Railway specialists can swiftly troubleshoot any defects
  • Smooth rail transport operation is ensured

Make the most of your CRM

We helped our client tackle the big task of data migration to

Business process automation is essential for operational growth. Salesforce’s CRM software is a great out-of-the-box enterprise solution. Plus, we can use its API for developing apps and integration solutions tailored for specific needs of your organization.


To transfer applications and services to and to integrate into client’s


  • Improved informational organization
  • Enhanced communication
  • Greater efficiency for multiple teams
  • Improved analytical data and reporting


We set up processes of data migration and synchronisation.

Embrace future

AR, VR & Mixed Reality for your enterprise

VR platform that accelerates innovation and generates new business opportunities in the face of unprecedented levels of technological change.

Back when the VR industry was in its infancy, practical applications were mainly limited to simulations for medical training, flight systems and automobile industrial design. Today, with the widespread commercial release of consumer-ready VR headsets, immersive experiences with VR/AR technology are attracting more and more users from all industries and enterprises, especially amongst the younger, tech-savvy millenials.

As the market becomes saturated with consumer VR headsets, for example, Samsung Gear VR, compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices, VR software and application development is gaining momentum and becoming mainstream. We have exceptionally talented engineers to design VR/AR applications and software for virtually any application. Our delivery managers can advise your business on how best to capitalize on the next big thing in digital experience.

Among many other projects, we have developed a Social VR network platform powered by blockchain technology.


To create a safe virtual space with unlimited possibilities for a wide audience.


SociumOnline—social VR network platform powered by blockchain technology. It brings people together to:

  • SociumOnline—social VR network platform powered by blockchain technology. It brings people together to:
  • Enjoy 360 videos, 360 photos, live 360 content
  • Organize meetups
  • Take part in educational programs and trainings
  • Use dating services
  • Participate in quests
  • Visit virtual showrooms and shop
  • Visit virtual exhibitions
  • Participate in e-sports tournaments
  • Play games
  • Extensible VR development platform with a robust SDK for content integration
  • Enables significant opportunities for advertising and marketing
  • Great potential for E-commerce applications
  • Economy building with internal “bitcoin” type currency, SociumOnline Coin


Edery helps your business stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing business environment.


Get professional advice on high-value IT solutions for your company. We offer a complete range of technological expertise to leverage your IT infrastructure investment to achieve competitive advantage. We’ll show you how to optimize your business processes and navigate through your complex IT environment. We will help you to specify requirements and set priorities that maximize the return on of your IT spend.


With today’s rapid pace of technological change, your business needs to adapt quickly to stay competitive. As IT environments become more and more complex, you require higher pedigree of services that have the capability to keep up with speed of innovation. Edery offers a wide range of solutions to keep your software current and competitive. We design add-ons and updates to modern and legacy systems developed by us or third parties. We manage routine software maintenance remotely ensuring that your software keeps up with the speed of your business.


Edery has end-to-end capabilities to perform every service within the Software Development Life Cycle. Our engineers are experienced in both traditional (waterfall) and iterative (Agile, Scrum, etc.) software development processes. We develop:

  • Business enterprise-level applications (B2B, B2C, E-commerce)
  • Web-based solutions of different levels of complexity
  • Reporting, analytical tools and applications that support sales and decision-making process
  • ERP systems, databases, and information systems
  • Applications for mobile devices
  • Applications for VR/AR services
  • Internet of Things solutions

Additionally, we offer solutions for integration, migration, upgrades, support and administration of your current IT infrastructure. To ensure successful product launch, our senior developers review each line of code and perform regression testing with different tools and methods; our technical writers prepare easy-to-follow user manuals and troubleshooting guides.


Edery offers low-cost and resource-efficient alternatives to new system development — software re-engineering. This process eliminates technical problems by modernizing your current system or migrating to a more advanced technology platform. At the same time, your system’s current functionality is either saved or significantly improved through the process. You might consider this option when:

  • Programming language or platform is no longer supported
  • Improvements, patches for bug fixing and security updates no longer work
  • No options for integration with third-party systems through modern API
  • Technology is replaced by more advanced alternatives
  • Your business processes are changing rapidly

We offer several options for software re-engineering. The most popular one is to examine and alter your current code in order to improve reliability and meet revised goals. Depending on the platform, the source code can be translated, or reverse engineered to set in motion modifications that will yield desired results. This process reduces risks of data loss or workflow disruption as most of the legacy system remains in place.

If data is the source of the problem and needs an upgrade, then a deeper set of data re-engineering processes are implemented. Data re-engineering helps remove data that is doubled, obsolete or no longer relevant.

Re-engineered systems deliver all the features your company relies upon, plus new services and functions designed to accelerate your business results without the enormous costs of system replacement.


Innovation can help stay ahead of the competition. But it is not always feasible to have your own team of researches. Edery provides outsourcing support for research and development in order to deliver new technology, products, or services to the market.

Here is a short list of the most common services what have been requested by our clients and successfully delivered by our team:

  • Data-driven knowledge production where the amount of data is rising dramatically
  • Research computing and modeling in HPC or Cloud environment
  • Turnkey bioinformatics research for life science and healthcare
  • IoT sensors development to meet specific requirements for data collection, processing, and analysis